As we are excited to be back to the studio in-person, the safety and wellness of our dancers, staff and all of their families is our primary concern. We follow the guidelines of CDC, Public Health Officials and Worksafe BC. Our staff has been trained with regard of necessary precautions and cleaning protocols. All staff must pass a covid screening before entering the studio each day.

All families must read the following guidelines before attending classes at The Art of Dance Studio:

-Students or staff who are showing any signs of being unwell (fever, cough, worsening cough, loss of smell or taste, faigue, shortness of breath, sore throat, aches & pains, headache, diarrhea, nausea or any other symptoms of Covid-19) or who have been required to self-isolate will not be permitted in the studio. You may partcipate over Zoom. If requesting Zoom, please contact the studio by 1:00 the day of the class so we can have it up and running. If you have a household member who is unwell or if you have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed or presumptive case of Covid 19/required to self-isolate, please do not come to the studio. If you have been in close contact with someone who has been outside of Canada in the past 14 days, please do not come to the studio. Parents can aid us in taking their dancer's temperature before travelling to the studio. 

-Dancers should visit the washroom at home before coming to the studio to reduce bathroom visits at the studio. The bathroom will be sanitized regularly. Single-used paper towels are provided.

-Dancers should only bring the necessary items to class and not extra belongings. Come dressed in your dance attire as changing at the studio will not be available. Do not bring food with you- only your water bottle. Water bottles cannot be filled with water at the studio- please fill at home. Hip-Hop dancers: you must wear your inside/hip-hop shoes for class and not your outside/street shoes, as has always been our policy.

-Hand sanitizers are stationed at both doors and students/staff will be required to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting unless they have their own sanitizer.

-Sanitization of all high-touch areas including door handles, barres, mats, doorjambs, etc will be done regularly with products approved by Health Canada.

-Class size limits have been implemented 

 -Parents are not permitted to enter the studio for the time being- parents of our toddler/Kindergarten classes may enter, if necessary, wearing a mask and having been screened/temperature-checked, one parent per participant

-Students will enter/exit the studio in this way:  front studio - use the front door; back studio - use the back parking lot avoid congestion in common areas. We are extremely fortunate to have two completely separate parking lots to utilize.

Please do not arrive early. Students should wait with parents in their vehicles until class time. We will also have spots marked outside of the entrance for proper distancing. Avoid clustering in groups both outside and inside the studio. * *NEW (September 28, 2021):  Dancers ages 7 & up are required to wear a mask not only in the common areas of the studio, but for the duration of the dance class as well. Dancers ages 4-6 are required to wear a mask in the common areas of the studio, and it is strongly recommended that they wear their mask for the duration of the dance class as well.  Following the PHO, we are aware that there are those with mask exemptions.  A temperature check and assessment will be performed but please remember to self-assess at home before coming to the studio!!! Self-assessment instructions are posted at both entrances

-We will limit the number of people in the foyer at any one time for proper distancing.

-Dancers should be on time for class and not be picked up late as to avoid wait times at the studio. Parents should arrive in their vehicles before the end of class to ensure not being late for pickup. 

-No cell phone use while at the studio unless for emergency reasons- after which hand sanitizer must be used. 

-Please keep up with checking your email as things could change the day of your child's class, ie. the class has to be instructed on Zoom for everyone at the last minute or the instructor wants to hold an outdoor class. We have all learned that things can change quickly!!!

-As attendance is taken every class, contact tracing is always possible.

-The studio is cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day and regularly throughout the teaching day.

Thanks for helping us keep everyone safe!



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