(Cecchetti/CDTA method)

Classical ballet is the most internationally recognized form of dance , and the foundation of all other types of dancing. The benefits of studying ballet are numerous - some of which are grace, poise, coordination, fluidity, strength and musicality. Only by studying ballet can the dancer gain total knowledge of his/her body, technical ability and strength. It is most important for any student who is serious about his/her dancing to take ballet lessons. Dancers wishing to dance en pointe (on pointe shoes) may only do so with the teacher's consent. Examinations are taken with C.S.C./C.D.T.A.. Classes are available for ages 4 and up.



Tap is a lively form of dance, unique in that students study the quality of sound as well as the quality of movement. The variety of rhythms and styles make tap dancing a versatile performance medium. Examinations are taken with C.D.T.A. Classes are available for ages 6 and up.



Jazz dancing is usually fast-paced, most often involving current styles and music. The class consists of warming-up/stretching and combinations of jazz movements. Students develop coordination, rhythm, posture, strength and creativity. Examinations are taken with C.D.T.A.. Classes are available for ages 6 and up.



Acrobatic dance is a unique and disciplined form of movement with some similarities to floor gymnastics. The body develops strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and control. In performance, "tricks" are combined with a variety of themes and styles. Examinations are taken with C.D.T.A.. Classes are available for ages 6 and up.



Have fun learning the current, popular dance style which is at the forefront of the media. Students gain rhythm, coordination, aerobic exercise and confidence. Classes are available for ages 6 and up.



Lyrical dance is a blend of ballet and jazz, illustrating the lyrics with emotional movement.  A graceful, beautiful outlet which becomes a favourite for all!



This is a class designed especially for three-year-olds. The class consists of creative movement, dance basics, body awareness, exercise and music appreciation. It is a fun class and an outlet for young, creative energy.




Now even 2 year-olds can dance! A positive atmosphere for the littlest students to try the beginnings of dance.



We may be offering adult classes in hip-hop, ballet and tap. Recital participation not mandatory. Come join the fun!


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