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Please note the show(s) for your dancers - and that only the dances listed below will be performed at a show. Due to limited space and for the comfort of the residents, parents are not permitted to watch from the audience area. Please do not bring extra people along to watch the show- carpooling is also a good idea. Parents of older dancers should drop students off at the entrance (please do not be late to pick up afterwards); parents of younger dancers can wait in the common areas of the facilities but again, space is limited! Shows are approximately 45 minutes in length. Parents can leave quietly with their dancer(s) after they have performed. Dancers should arrive 15 minutes early, dressed in costumes (just cover-up a bit) and ready to dance. Smile and have fun!


*For those in both shows - please note that Holyrood show is first and the Willow show is second . . . the reverse of how it has always been in the past!!



Holyrood Manor, 22710 Holyrood Ave., Maple Ridge, 467-8831-

Down the hill directly behind our dance studio

Arrive 1:15 (show time 1:30 -2:15)


1) You Can’t Stop The Beat

2) Flashlight

3) The Fairies

4) Mine, Mine

5) Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

6) I’ve Got No Strings

7) Once Upon A Dream

8) I Can Make Ya Dance

9) We Are One

10) Shake It Off            

11) Heigh Ho

12) Box Of Secrets

13) Gold


Willow Manor, 12275 224th St.,

Maple Ridge, 466-8602 - parking not

great as they do not have a parking lot

Arrive 3:15 (show time 3:30-4:15)


1) Firefly

2) Bills

3) Funky Monkeys

4) A Dream Is A Wish

5) True Love’s Kiss

6) Time Machine

7) D.A.N.C.E.

8) I Just Wanna Be Happy

9) Rip It Up

10) Nerd Shades

11) Thousand Years

12) Walk The Dinosaur

13) Intergalactic

14) Chim, Chim Cher-ee





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