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Dear parents and students,

With the new dance season underway, we would like to give a big welcome to all of our new and returning students.  The dancers are progressing well in their classes, having fun (the teachers are, too!) and gearing up for another great year!



* Monday, October 14th - Classes cancelled for Thanksgiving *This is the only holiday Monday we will cancel.

* Thursday, October 31st- Classes cancelled for Halloween

* Monday, November 11- Classes in session despite the Remembrance Day holiday

* Dress Rehearsal for Recital 2020- Tuesday, June 2nd

* Recital 2020- ***SUNDAY, June 7th (2pm show time) *Note: unusual date/time this year"



Winter weather could be just weeks away, and classes may be cancelled due to poor road conditions.  If the school does close, a message will be available (we decide around noon) by calling the studio at (604)463-0304.  WE  DO NOT CALL EACH STUDENT DUE TO SNOW CANCELLATIONS.  IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT ABOUT THE WEATHER, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CALL THE STUDIO ANSWERING MACHINE!  If you reach our message and there is no mention of a closure (remember that we wait until noon), classes will be in session as usual, even if the weather is poor in your area.  Cancelled classes will be made-up before the end of the season if we are left with less than the yearly guaranteed number of lessons.



October-June tuition cheques are now due if only the September tuition was paid at registration time.  Thank you!



*Students should wait INSIDE for parents/rides, and our younger students should wait in the      classroom with the teacher if rides are late to pick-up

*All students are expected to act on their best behavior while in the studio

*Students are not to chew gum in class


*Please try to attend ALL of the dance classes--we understand that sometimes it is necessary to                                                      be away, but simply just missing class will affect both the individual's progress and that of the       class. Parents may wish to ask the teacher about a “make-up” class. If a student is unable to            dance but can watch, we strongly urge he/she to do so!  

*Students should practice at home to reinforce what is covered in class---it makes a BIG                DIFFERENCE!  Just make sure that it is done safely (especially acrobatic students) 

*Students should come to class in the dance attire specified in the brochure/on the website and have hair up if required.  Ballet students ages 8 and up should have hair in a bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Hip-hop students must change into the white runners which should be for studio use only

*PARENTS***Please make sure that you receive and read the five newsletters of the year, and      occasionally pop into the studio to keep updated from our bulletin board, especially March-June



- Susan, Rachael, Karen, Kirstin, Katrina, Celina &  Carly.

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