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*** 25 YEARS ! ***


z22764 Lougheed Highway


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*Spring Break- Monday, March 16th  to Sunday, March 29th  

*Easter Break-  Monday, April 13th - CLASSES IN SESSION DUE TO A LACK OF MONDAYS 

*Dance Photos- Saturday, May 2nd    (times listed below)

*Victoria Day- Monday, May 18th - CLASSES IN SESSION DUE TO A LACK OF MONDAYS 

*Recital Dress Rehearsal- Tuesday, June 2nd  

*Recital 2020-***NEW DATE/TIME** Sunday, June 7th **2:00 Show Time!!



It has come to our attention that many of our students are coming to dance class with improper attire and hair left down.  This makes it hard for teachers to see what needs to be corrected and hard for students to feel and perform their best.  (You can't swim without a swimsuit!)  Ballet students (ages 3-6 excluded) really do need to have buns in their hair in order to concentrate on the movements, especially turning!       

Hip-hop students: please remember to wear your white running shoes and not street shoes in the classroom.  It makes the dance room extremely dirty. Being prepared for any activity is important; let's keep making a conscientious effort!



A sign-up sheet for these specialty classes for the 2020-21 dance season will be posted in the waiting room as of Tuesday, April 7th. Please note that this will be first come, first serve and that there may be a limit to the number of spots given per person.



The week after Photo Day- students should wear their costumes to class in order to practice in them and troubleshoot any problems.



Here’s a chance to remind dancers and parents that home practice makes a big difference!     Please remember to practice SAFELY;  it is a good idea to ask parents first - especially acrobatic students. 


Our busiest and most exciting time of year is fast approaching!  If you have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to call the studio at (604) 463-0304. 


 HAPPY DANCING!- Susan, Karen, Rachael, Kirstin, Katrina, Carly & Celina.




Dance photographs will be taken at the studio on Saturday, May 2nd with Photo Expressions.  PHOTO ORDER FORMS (distributed closer to Photo Day-please ask your child's teacher if you do not receive form(s)) COMPLETE WITH PAYMENT are due ON PHOTO DAY AND WILL BE COLLECTED AS THE DANCERS LINE UP TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED.  Exact times for each group are listed below. All dancers should arrive IN COSTUME AND READY TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED 15 minutes before photo time.  Please be sure to consult our master list of hairstyles and accessories for each class which will be posted in April.  MAKEUP: no specific guidelines-- don’t wear as much as for stage-- wear what you would like for the photo.   To ease parking congestion- the other tenants in the plaza also require parking spots for customers- please try to park in the parking lot BEHIND the studio and walk around.  Although purchasing photos is optional, EVERYONE PLEASE ATTEND so that the groups will be complete.  There will not be a re-take day. 

PHOTO SCHEDULE:                                    


8:45-9:00- Who Run The World

9:00-9:20- Forest Dance

9:25-9:40- Deer                             

9:40-9:55- Bees

9:55-10:05- Pixies

10:05-10:15- Birds

10:15-10:20- Control/Nocturne/La La Land

10:20-10:25- Halo/Friend Like Me                                                                                                     

10:25-10:30- Time/Blackbird

10:30-10:35- Unwritten

10:35-10:40- Evelyn, Evelyn/Trndsttr

10:40-10:55- Unicorns  

10:55-11:05- Let’s Hear It For The Boys

11:05-11:15- Route 66

11:15-11:25- Vines

11:25-11:35- Listen

11:35-11:45- New York, New York         

11:45-11:50- Seniorita   

11:50-12:00- Sea Cruise                    

12:00-12:10- Trampoline                  

12:10-12:15- Never Enough

12:15-12:25- Never Too Late

12:25-12:35- Dwarves  

12:35-12:45- Iko, Iko

12:45-12:50- Human/Rewrite The Stars

12:50-1:00- Moss

1:00-1:20- Twinkle Toes

1:20-1:30- Power


            ***30 MINUTE BREAK*** 


2:00-2:10- This Gift

2:10-2:20- We Are The Dreamers

2:20-2:25- Another Love            

2:25-2:35- Jungle Boogie

2:35-2:45- Wildflowers

2:45-2:50- Leave A Light On/Until We Go                        

         Down/Glitter & Gold/You Should Be


2:50-3:00- Forest Fairies

3:00-3:10- 7 Years

3:10-3:15- Fresh Prince

3:15-3:25- Calling All The Monsters

3:25-3:35- Jai Ho

3:35-3:45- Legends

3:45-3:50- Hedwig’s Theme/Hellium/Open


3:50-3:55- Wings/Cosmic Love/I Don’t Feel  

                                                  Like Dancing

3:55-4:05- Owls


          ***15 MINUTE BREAK***


4:20-4:30- Waterfall

4:30-4:35- Rumour Has It/Burnin’ Up

4:35-4:40- Killer Queen/The Night We Met/


4:40-4:50- Good Time, Good Life

4:50-4:55- Mama Knows Best/Half Light

4:55-5:05- Woman Up

5:05-5:10- Ratatouille

5:10-5:20- Show Me How

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